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111 – Iron Man

Dazzler Cover Recreation

The reasoning behind this is three-fold. 1) This fulfills a request that was made when I was actively seeking out topics to draw. 2) The request was made by a friend who is pretty big Dazzler fan. I have no idea if she really genuinely loves Dazzler or if it’s an ironic thing. Either way, …

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Has he lost his mind?

This mook’s got nuthin’ to say. Iron Man 2 trailer looks a-okay though. I do like Iron Man’s classic armors infinitely better than anything he’s worn since 1992.

Iron Lantern

A Post-It Doodle done at work in red and black gel pens, scanned and inverted. I never read the Amalgam comic, but like most of them, the idea seems neat…

Li’l Avengers

A joke of a take on the whole “Young Avengers” thing. Done entirely in Illustrator. I enjoy how cute they turned out.