030 – The Spectre

This did not turn out as I had hoped. I was able to channel my inner Burne Hogarth a little, though.

John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake’s Spectre is one of the most underrated comics ever published, and it’s criminal that DC a) has never properly reprinted the book and b) soiled the character with Hal Jordan.

Crispus Allen is a fine Spectre, though. I have no idea if he still is the host or not.

029 – Peter Parker

I might try to draw more superhero secret identities. We’ll see.

028 – White Trash Green Arrow and Black Canary

Ok, so let’s get this out of the way, first. I love Green Arrow. I’m a huge fan of Mike Grell’s run, the legendary Denny O’Neill/Neal Adams revamp, and apparently the only person who thought Judd Winick did a great job in his short run. I even really dig Chuck Dixon’s run, especially the Connor Hawke issues. I dig Ollie. I think he’s great, I’ve even drawn him before.

With that said, I started doodling a trucker looking dude on a post-it note, and with the glasses, trucker hat and beard, I realized it kinda looked like Green Arrow with his Robin Hood hat, mask and goatee. A White Trash Green Arrow.

Folks, I’m a fucking genius, is what I’m getting at here. See, there’s nothing about G.A. that isn’t White Trash! He’s got like 59 illegitimate children, one of ’em who got hooked on smack, had his own illegitimate kid, slept with his “mother” (Black Canary) and then lost his arm, becoming a criminal after keeping a dead cat. Ollie’s other “kid” has HIV and was a child prostitute. Connor turned out okay. Ollie is also in a semi-abusive relationship with Black Canary and they keep going back to each other despite the fact that perhaps it would be better if they didn’t. So B.C. gets the White Trash treatment too.

Also, I’ve received an official request for a Black Canary. This isn’t it. I’ll draw a proper Dinah later.

Finally, I had thought of adding a White Trash Green Lantern to round out a White Trash Hard Traveling Heroes. But White Trash Hal Jordan ain’t gonna wear no faggoty ring.

027 – Zombie

I’ssa zombie. Oddly enough, I just started playing Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. Western zombies. I’m a little rattled right now.

026 – Barney Miller

Barney Miller was always a favorite show of mine as a kid, and one of the rare shows that, while dated, still really holds up. I wish there were more seasons available on DVD.

By the way, the first person to tell me about Hulu, Vudu, Netflix Instant or FuckU or whatever else video streaming service: I stab you in the face. Deal? Okay.

025 – Li’l Dexter

My friend and I were discussing inappropriate cartoons based on movies or tv shows that were clearly made for adults (Rambo, RoboCop, etc.) and during the conversation, I thought of Li’l Dexter. I’d been wanting to draw a Dexter related post for years, but I am terrible at likenesses. This seemed like a perfect opportunity.

The concept: Harry and Dexter Morgan are out hunting when they discover a crashed alien spaceship. Only Harry and Dex find the pilot, an alien called The Dark Passenger. They take him in, and have to hide him from Dex’s little sister, the stuck-up, bratty Deb. The Dark Passenger takes a liking to little Dexter and always winds up convincing Dex to do bad things and get up to hi-jinks, while Harry always has to clean up the situations, and teaches Dex a valuable lesson in the process – a code, of sorts.

I think we have a winner. Somebody bring back Saturday morning cartoons, pronto!

024 – Battalion

Just wanted to draw one of the most ridiculous obscure ’90s comic character I could find. In an earlier post, I mentioned that DC Comics published some of the best books they’ve ever had during this period. They also published some of the worst. Hi, Team Titans! That’s where this ******** abomination sprung from.

023 – Lockjaw

Fulfilling a request from Kurt Dinse, he had asked for Lockjaw, the teleporting dog from Marvel Comics’ The Inhumans. I think Kurt was deliberately trying to make me struggle. If there’s one thing I struggle with more than anatomy, backgrounds, coloring, details, likenesses, proportion, perspective, consistency, inking, penciling, the female form, faces, eyes, hands, feet, shading, layout, clothing, inanimate objects or plants is animals. That said, I kinda dig the way Lockjaw turned out here. He looks like a petable dog.

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022 – Havok

Havok was always a favorite X-Men character, and I’ve hated every single costume of his except for the original. Neal Adams is a legend for a reason.

021 – The Thing

So yeah, that’s why I don’t do much stippling.

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