Ok, PANIC!: Richie Rich

The first Ok, PANIC!. I stole this joke from The Simpsons. Done entirely in Adobe Illustrator.


2021 Update: Ok, PANIC! is long dead, my contributions to it long before that. It was a stupid experiment that I tolerated a lot longer than I should have. No offense to the other artists who contributed. The ones I was directly involved with anyway. I have re-homed my Ok, PANIC! artwork elsewhere on the blog.

Look for the Ok PANIC! Category and Ok PANIC! Tag.

I draw myself a lot for someone who generally dislikes autobiographical comics and cartoons. But there is a purpose for this version of my self-portrait. A guy decided to form a conglomerate of his favorite local artists, give us a theme and let us run with it, and present a gallery of our work. This self portrait was for my bio page on Ok, PANIC!

Ok, PANIC! was myself, my podcast co-host and fellow artist, Jason Young, our pals Pat Kain, Jeff Potter, and eventually Kurt Dinse.

Every two weeks, we were given (or would create) a topic, and then draw our takes in our own distinct styles. Every week was not a competition, but it was always a competition.

Charlton Chew

Much like my opinion of Jack Kirby, I’ve spent most of my comic reading career disliking Steve Ditko. Over the past few years I’ve gotten past the things that I disliked – which were all aesthetic issues – and realized the genius of both of those creators embedded in their art. It also doesn’t hurt that Ditko created my absolute favorite superhero ever, Ted Kord – The Blue Beetle. I’m also pretty fond of Captain Atom and The Question, though not necessarily Ditko’s visions of those characters.


I like drawing adult superheroes as kids.


Cool Dave Cockrum design, pretty cool twist on the Superman archetype. Cool X-Men sometime villain. Bad drawing from a few years ago.

It Means "Go!", Goddammit!

Seriously, the green arrow means go. Don’t fucking hesitate. And for that matter, when it’s just a regular green light and you’re making a left turn, pull into the damn intersection, for chrissake.

I believe I’ve already laid out my love for the archer superheroes in the Hawkeye drawing. I’m especially a big fan of Mike Grell’s run on G.A.

This is the most green I’ve ever used to color anything.

I’m a Creep

My first exposure to The Creeper was the “Greatest Joker Stories Ever Told” trade paperback. I was fascinated by the bizarre character. Ditko’s some kind of genius. Crazy, but genius. I even was a big fan of The Creeper series from the late 90s. Not so much the Steve Niles series. Best forgotten.

The Shadow of Atomic Fear

Two Sabbath references in a row!

I like The Atom. I became a fan of Ray Palmer when I found the “Sword of The Atom” series in a second hand store, and enjoyed his appearances in Dan Jurgen’s unfairly maligned “Teen Titans” series. But I’m not such a whiny fuck that when he was replaced by Ryan Choi – which is the version I drew here – that I threw a fit. Or gave a crap when Ray returned. I did like the Ryan Choi Atom series, though. Gail Simone wrote some fun stories, John Byrne cranked out some of his most tolerable art in twenty years, and Mike Norton rocked it for the remainder of the series. My one problem with Ryan Choi’s Atom was the color scheme of his costume. It seemed backward. I colored it here the way that makes sense to me.

Has he lost his mind?

This mook’s got nuthin’ to say. Iron Man 2 trailer looks a-okay though. I do like Iron Man’s classic armors infinitely better than anything he’s worn since 1992.

Silver Surfer

In the early 90s, I was a big Silver Surfer fan. I was also a big Ron Lim fan. Not so much either, nowadays. Still have a fondness for The Surfer, though. Would love for there to be a Surfer book I’d want to read.


I’ve always had a fondness for the Barbara Gordon Batgirl. Probably just comes from a childhood crush on Yvonne Craig from the old Batman TV show. A crush which still kinda continues. It probably also instilled my appreciation for beautiful redheaded women. I loves me some hot redheads.

Anyhoo, as with the Power Man/Iron Fist drawing from a few weeks ago, I’m still continuing to work with greytone marker renderings. I don’t feel this one came out as well. It seems the markers I’m using have a life of about one drawing only.