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1170. What, Me Worry?

And so Phil Healy week draws to a close. This was Phil’s last request, a Phil-in for his rejected list. It was also the one where I said to myself “Yes! This one will be awesome, fun, and easy to draw!” But, I had never drawn Alfred E. Neuman before. Motherfucker is deceptively hard to …

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1169. Swarm vs. Dr. Epi

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

845. Venom

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

358. Beetle

A Beetle of a different color.

357. Silvermane

Now we’re getting into some Spider-Villains I’ve never even heard of, let alone read any stories about. But hey, old man cyborg, can’t go wrong.

356. Boomerang

Drawn this guy before, but like my redesign better.

355. Black Cat

354. Peter Parker

Yknow what? I’m considering this one part of the Spider-Villains theme.

353. Morbius, The Living Vampire

341. Hobgoblin

Lots of talk about Mark Hamill lately. Guess there’s a resurgence in interest in THE GUYVER or something. Anyway, I have no problems with the guy in general. Does a great Joker voice, probably the definitive Joker. However, its the exact same voice he used to do for The Hobgoblin in the 90s Spider-Man series, …

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