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The Toy Wonder

The Robot Robin of the 853rd Century. I should draw more DC One Million characters. Also, DC should do more with the One Million characters.


Tom Wayne is the 21st descendant of Bruce Wayne. Apparently the Wayne family line through the 31st century has settled on only keeping two names in rotation. Listen, I’ll never have children, but if I did, I’d hope that the 31st century Shonborn would be named Cheech or something. No need to keep naming them …

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I wound up really liking this costume as I drew it. Who knew?! Tim Drake is the best Robin. Sorry, Dick. As much as I love Dick, Tim just rules. He was introduced when I got super hardcore into Batman. Sadly, I don’t think he was ever utilized greatly as Batman’s partner, but when he …

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Jason Todd again, pre-Crisis Dick-clone version, in his nifty original costume. I wasn’t gonna draw this, having done so once before, but, I really like this costume.


I love Robin. He’s the 3rd most important character in superhero history (sorry, Wonder Woman. You’re #4). When I started thinking about how many variations of Robin there are, I realized I could do a theme. So welcome to it! First up is Jason Todd, the Better Off Dead Robin! I don’t care for Jason …

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Egghead Video

Tmelapse video of the Vincent Price Batman villain Egghead.

NSFW: Batwoman and Velma

Not Safe For Work. You have been warned. Digital commission.

Superman #379

Happy New Year! I’ve been wanting to do another cover recreation for a while. I picked this issue of Superman up over the summer, and as I read through it, I realized that I had it as a kid. So I decided to pay homage to it. Plus, any excuse to draw Bizarros. Original cover …

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Mr. Freeze