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Robin Lives!

For sale! One (1) Blank Sketch cover for Batman #428 Facsimile – the Alternate “Robin Lives” Edition. The front cover is a gory homage to Mike Mignola’s classic original cover, featuring Jason Todd in his best form. The back cover is an homage to cartoonist and hetero life-partner Jason Young. Jason sketched the “I’m no …

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Murray Krimmus


I’ve never drawn the Cass Cain version of Batgirl before, so I gave it a shot.


Apparently, it’s Batman Day Got a new (used) Surface last week or so, and upgraded my ClipStudio license along with it. Having some trouble adjusting to the minor difference. While I’ve been sketchoodling, I haven’t done anything in color yet, so I wanted to knock out something quick to test it. Still having a big …

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Dick, looking FANTASTIC in his original/best costume. This 6×9 ink drawing is available for sale on my storefront.


My friend Joe bought me this blank. We were discussing that kids love chains. and Batman. So we decided to do dueling Batman/Spawn mash-ups. Although there is one featured in this book. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that I really hate these colored blank sketch covers. Anyway, Joe, you’re up.




Short process video on my YouTube channel

Batman #50

Art For sale in my shop. Blank Cover for Batman #50.