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809a. Batwoman

Commission for a repeat customer. Decided to try watercolors for no real good reason. I am very bad at it. *** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

Commissions Update

I made some changes to my Commissions policy/pricing. I raised the prices, but for a good reason, and hopefully a good cause. 50% of all money earned from commissions from now until the forseeable future will be donated to various charities. I do commissions to supplement my income, but felt that I needed to do …

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686a. Aquaman

So hey, one week left to get yourself a Christmas commission! But all the weeks left to get a regular commission! Prices remain the same either way. Sorry. This is a Christmas commission, Aquaman (Brave & The Bold edition) vs. Bat-Mite. It was brought up that Aquaman doesn’t have his own version of Bat-Mite, but …

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680a. Black Panther

Blank cover commission, part 2. A re-creation of Jack Kirby’s BLACK PANTHER #4. This is the back cover to yesterday’s bonus post. My Art Store Commission Info

669. The Riddler

Commission from an anonymous client. Not the weirdest request ever, but very specific. They wanted Jim Carrey as The Riddler from the end of Batman Forever when he’s locked up in Arkham and thinks he’s Batman. The hand lettering was my own choice, to help sell the setup. I’m not great at likenesses and am …

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442. Blue Beetle: The Day After

Yesterday, I attended the Queen City Comic Con with my friend Bruce Hughes. He usually has quite a few folks talk to him outside of the usual con-goers he ropes into conversation. One such fellow happened to be putting together a themed sketchbook. I love a themed sketchbook. My buddy Joe G. has a Flash …

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441. Nine and Rose

Spent the day at Queen City Comic Con. Did this sketch for a young Doctor Who fan.

289. Captain America

A commission for another old high school friend, Rob Whitaker. I hope all my old high school friends purchase art from me! Just another reminder I’m always open for commissions. I’ve also revitalized my etsy store with prints and original art. Any art you find in this blog that isn’t digital or already claimed is …

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288. Thor

I’ve never satisfactorily drawn Thor before. Unfortunately for Alec Ross, an old high school friend of mine who commissioned this piece, I still haven’t. Gotta admit, though, I enjoyed splattering some paint on this though. And the white gel pen added some decent extras. One of these days, Thor, I will successfully conquer you. So, …

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275. Captain America

A commission done for DeMario Winston that he gave to a friend. You too can buy a commission for a friend or loved one! Do it! My first time drawing Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, as Captain America. What a needlessly complicated costume.