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Pen Sketch

Ballpoint pen on a notepad


Fuck it, just wanted to draw Superman

The Captain

Drew this some time ago and never posted it anywhere but on bluesky. Listen, he’ll always be Captain Marvel to me, but I am 95% on board with him being called “The Captain” or “Captain” in the current Shazam comic.


This is SCP-049, a humanoid that resembles a medieval plague doctor and can re-animate corpses, believing it is curing them of a “pestilence”. It’s from an online fiction collaborative called the SCP Foundation, a fictional research foundation that studies the supernatural. Drew this for a friend who went out of her way to give me …

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Patreon Reward: Godzilla

The patron asked for Godzilla “any version” and I jokingly responded “’98 version it is!”, because who seriously wants that? He responded with “underrated classic” or something similar, and whoof. I like this person a lot, but between this and discovering that he is “Team Sanity” in the great Drop Dead Fred discourse (Team Fred, …

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Patreon Reward: The Ray

The patron asked for The Ray, stating how cool he always looked, and that is a very correct fact, especially when a young Joe Quesada drew him.


I did a YouTubes.


The Ever-Living!


Not a Thundercat, but a cool looking semi-regular

Wilykit, Wilykat, & Snarf

A whole bag of obnoxious