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254. Seventh Doctor

I saw him as the Doctor in the Fox TV Doctor Who movie (the introduction and only adventure of the Eighth Doctor), pre-regeneration. Other than that, I thought he was the best part of the “Five(ish) Doctors Reboot”.

253. Sixth Doctor

I got nothing about this guy, other than his costume is the very definition of “trying too hard”.

252. Fifth Doctor

I have no experiences with the Fifth Doctor other than the delightful “Five(ish) Doctors Reboot” from the 50th Anniversary. Other than that, this is worst of my Doctor Who drawings. This guy was too young and too handsome, so the entire thing is just bland shit. There was nothing to grab onto to make an …

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251. Fourth Doctor

My second favorite of the Doctor drawings. I think I’ve seen a handful of 4th Doctor episodes, mostly as a kid on PBS, but I never got into them. As an adult, well, I still couldn’t get into them.

250. Third Doctor

All I know about the Third Doctor was he was more of a badass than the prior two (and judging by his outfits, he needed to be), and that the actor’s son looks a lot like him, and is currently playing Thug Butler on the worst show on TV, Gotham.

249. Second Doctor

More from the archives. I’ve never been able to get into the pre-reboot Who stuff. My first Doctor was technically Eight, but it was well into Eleven’s time that I first started watching the 2005 series. I tried to go back and watch some of the classic stuff. I watched the Three Doctors (1,2 & …

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248. First Doctor

I have a lot of stuff I need to get done by the end of the month. My commission deadlines loom pretty hard this month, and I want to get them done, which means I need to step back from some other stuff. So, the Sketch-a-Day is gonna take a short break, kinda. I’m gonna …

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085. Monsters

Back in December, I posted an drawing called “The Slasher“, an image I made for the Horror Movie a Day book, written by Brian Collins. This is my second piece for the book, the chapter illustration for “Monsters”. The book is still untitled and unscheduled, but it should be available sometime later this year. The …

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The Slasher

See, I told you I wasn’t going away forever. It’s only been 11 days. Did you miss me anyway? I’m glad, I missed you too, baby. By now you’ve clicked the thumbnail above and embiggened it and perhaps you are wondering what pray-tell brings this monsterous piece to the blog? I’mma tell you. Right… nowish. …

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