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183 – Dick Grayson

And with this, I am at the halfway point of daily drawings and sketches. I’m pretty sure that I will not be continuing to do this after a year, but I definitely feel that I am over the block I felt last year (when Adam Hughes ruined my life). But enough about that, there’s still …

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139 – Li’l Nightwing

084 – Devilwing

An amalgam of my favorite Marvel character and one of my top 5 favorite DC characters (Daredevil & Nightwing, in case you needed help). Everyone is always clamoring for a Daredevil/Batman crossover (there already was one, it sucked), and claims that Daredevil is the Marvel Universe’s Batman, but I’ve always thought that he had more …

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Post-It Doodles

These are probably going to be the only new things I post once in a while. I doodle them at work to kill time between programs and files loading, saving, closing, etc. All the things that should only take seconds, yet seem to always take minutes.