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Prince and the Super Powers Generation (44)

Alright. It’s my birthday. 14 years now I’ve been annually posting sadness. Well, not so much this year. I mean, listen, the world is fucking crumbling around us, and I’m still fucked up and broken, but, y’know, things could be worse for me. In just a few weeks will be the one-year anniversary of meeting …

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89. Dr. Light

67. Giganta

66. Despero

September Patreon Rewards

The Green Ranger Power Girl I think my Patrons got mixed up this month! Anime guy wanted Super-person, Super-Guy wanted anime person! It’s wacky! Come confuse me by joining my Patreon today.


I found the original lineart to this Jose Luis Garcia Lopez Justice League online and just decided to absolutely ruin it. Above is the original darker colors I made, below is the lighter, brighter version I’m happier with, and followed by of course, the maestro’s versions. Check out the digital process video on my YouTube …

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Amanda Waller

The only Wall I support.

Justice League of America #8

I don’t remember when I drew this. My pal Jason and I had challenged each other, some time ago, to recreate a comic cover that we had never seen. I picked one for him and described it to him via email, and he picked this one. During my move, I found this abandoned art. I …

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89. Amazo

84. Zatanna