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I was super excited about seeing Stoker. I tried to go see it at the theater, but was short of cash (as I usually am – I am catching up on the ones on my plate and will gladly accept more Commissions and the Etsy store is still around and you can click on my …

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Crotch touch. I watched V/H/S again last night. I don’t know if I remember mentioning it here on the blog. It’s a found footage horror anthology. I think there are six stories plus a framing tale. Like most anthologies, there are some great stories and some bad ones. The first time I watched it, I …

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124. Batman

I have a stack of cardboard. It’s neat to draw on occasionally. This is my favorite Legionnaire. *** The Dictator. Funny. I liked it, lots of fun comedy people are in it.

121. Captain Marvel

I’m really liking this character a lot. I bought the first two trades of her new series and it’s delightful. Because of this, I also bought Kelly Sue DeConnick’s issues of AVENGERS ASSEMBLE. It’s definitely one of the best superhero team comics I’ve read in the last decade. Short arcs, it’s fun, funny and still …

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Went to see The Lords of Salem, Rob Zombie’s new film. Thanks to Netflix, over the past couple of months I’ve seen somw weird horror movies from the late 60s and the 70s. If I hadn’t, I think I would have been incredibly bored during the movie. Zombie is definitely trying to recreate the feel …

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38. Doctor Detroit

Inspired by the movie I watched the other day. Movies for 3/10/13: Satan’s Little Helper. Horror/comedy with an interesting take on the slasher genre, but ultimately just kind of boring with some terrible acting. Except for “Satan” – a psycho in a mask who never talks or shows his face, but is able convey a …

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My Name is Jonah

My Name is Jonah is a documentary following The Real Life Warrior, Jonah Washnis. For two years now, I have helped celebrate the man and the myth with entries in the Free Comic Book Day My Name is Jonah tie-in comic. Both issues are available for download at the My Name is Jonah Official Movie …

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Revenge of the Video Dead

So, I spent most of October making a comic…

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