Slam Evil!

What a terrible fucking tagline.

Been a while, sorry. Been working on getting my podcast together.  You can find my podcast at It’s a swell podcast, with our first official episode being recorded on September 16th. To be released shortly thereafter. We’ll see when, then I’ll try to make that the regular upload day. For my podcast. Gutter Trash. Have I mentioned my podcast yet?

Anyhoo, the purple nurple above is The Phantom, though you might know him better as Billy Zane. And to be fair, I actually do enjoy The Phantom movie. It’s a fun, Indy Jones/Superhero flick. I drew this entirely in Illustrator for a contest that Moonstone Comics is holding. I’m kinda proud of this, and worked harder on it than probably any of the other pieces on this blog. I was actually trying for an Adobe Illustrator-meets-painterly-meets-typical-Shonborn-crapfest thang. I failed on most levels, but still like the piece, which is a rare thing.

Gutter Trash!

This is the Beginning…

…of this blog!

I explained myself ad nauseam over at my old blog page. But this is where you can check out new pieces of art (or really old pieces that I tell you are new) from yours truly. Cover your eyes. If you look too long, you’ll grow better taste for comic art, and realize that I ain’t it.
So here’s a new (is it?) piece. I dare you to look.

This is actually one of the very few commissions I’ve done. I would love to do more. You can find me on the internet. Anyhoo, this is of course Robert Kirkman’s Astounding Wolf-Man. It’s a fun book I look forward to reading in trade form (I got the first two issues). I figured what better way to kick off the new blog than with a piece of art I almost got paid for (I asked the purchaser to make a donation to the HERO INITIATIVE instead), of a character by a creator who definitely went out of his way to make a ton of bold statements this past week. If you haven’t heard, you can find Robert Kirkman’s video mission statement here, and his follow-up Word Balloon interview here. I really recommend listening to what he has to say. It’s not perfect, but the ideas are there, and he’s dead right about most of it.

Hawkgirl (30)

I’m old today. This is definitely not where I saw myself at the age of 30. 2008 has been a definite shit year for me, mostly of my own design. The comic thing is still a definite goal for me, but I work slowly. I want my projects to mean something personally to me. I no longer have the dreams of being a big superhero artist or writer. I would be perfectly content never having anything published by Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, etc. I still love doodling and sketching all those big heroic characters, but the stories I need to tell need to be smaller, and need to be mine. The goal isn’t fame and fortune in a dying industry, but rather longevity. Something that can sit on a bookshelf, something long-form. Nothing I do will be amazing. My genetic make-up won’t allow me to be amazing, or allow anyone to tell me that it’s amazing. But whatever I do, will be a labor of love for me, and me alone. It’s taken me a very long time to come to that conclusion, and I’m ready to face it.

Meanwhile, as I enter into my third decade, fallen out with two people I used to consider my closest friends, I’m still struggling to not completely shut myself off from the outside world. The biggest regrets in my life for the past 10 years all happened in this past year, but, it also helped me focus I think. I hope that someday I’ll be able to reconcile with the people that I wronged, but that’ll take time, and despite being what I officially consider old, I don’t I’m yet mature enough to deal with that. After all, I still love comics.

Life Failure

Project Rooftop had a Superman Redesign contest about a month ago or so. Didn’t make the finalists, but got honorable mention. Drawn in Illustrator.


I like the Fantastic Four, in theory. The execution has never held up to what I expect it to be. An old friend of mine and I used to come up with FF stories to try to pitch Marvel (each rejected or ignored), and our ideas of the FF were more appealing than the actual comics. Anyhoo, I drew this a bunch of years ago. I was working at a television station, in Master Control. This was drawn entirely in ballpoint pen on the back of a timing rundown for a newscast.

Hell, boy

I keep forgetting to try and update this badboy. I was sorta lacking a good piece to pop up here. I mean, I have hundreds of drawings stocked away, I just don’t like any of ’em. The images I wanted to post up here, well, I’m not ready yet. They’re not ready yet. Soonish. But I figger, Hellboy II is out this week, and I’m excited, despite probably waiting a while to see it. I hate going to movies on opening weekend. All you fuckers and your conversations and cellphones and texting can all fuck off and die, motherfuckers. I didn’t pay 10 bucks to listen to your bitch-ass, I came to watching a fucking movie. And when I fucking yell at you to shut the fuck up, don’t act surprised, and don’t act like I’m interfering in your movie-going experience. Proper public etiquette and four years of working at a movie theater give me the right to fuck up your world if you bother me in a theater. Assholes.

P.S. I love you Mike Mignola.

God of Thunder

Fuck yeah.

Blue Beetle by Mike Norton

This’n’s a bit different. There’s an awesome comic artist by the name of Mike Norton whose work you can find at Mike and I both have a love for Blue Beetle, and while doing a random google search for Blue Beetle art, I stumbled upon this con-sketch Mike had done for someone:

I thought it was awesome. And then I got a real “bug” up my ass to “finish” the drawing. Using Adobe Illustrator, I did. By no means am I taking credit for Mike’s work, I just wanted to do something fun with a drawing of my favorite comic character of all-time, by one of my favorite comic artists.

Read Green Arrow/Black Canary. It’s good. Visit Mike’s blog for more arty goodness. Listen to the Crankcast for random hilarity.


Wanted to try a more traditional pen and ink illustrative style, with shadows and highlights, midtones, etc. Took a long time, especially for an impatient spastic like me. I did a lot of this while watching The Departed. Good film. Don’t know why it took so long to watch it. I even really liked Leonardo DiCaprio in it.


I drew the original about two years ago, and thought I had lost it. Since I’ve recently discovered it again, I decided to colorize it. Then I decided the Variant Hulks needed representing. Dunno why. It was a time killer. I’m so alone.