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910. Groot & Iron Man

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info

892. Iron Man

*** I’m still here. *** My Art Store Commission Info


So, for the last year, I have been volunteering on Tuesday nights at an art class for young adults with disabilities and special needs. It’s pretty much the only thing I have in my life that I look forward to anymore and makes me feel mostly human for a few hours. I’ve learned a lot …

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485. Civil War

Click to embiggen. HEROES CON in Charlotte, NC on June 17-19:  this cover will be available for sale.

452. Iron Man

Another Free Comic Book Day Sketch, this will be available on Saturday May 7th, at MAVERICKS CARDS AND COMICS from 10am to 2pm! Which is where I’ll also be!

646. Iron Man

367. War Machine

James “Rhodey” Rhodes. I just read his wikipedia page and now my head and heart hurt. Anyway, I think he’s now the Iron Patriot in the comics as well as the movies, but to me, he’ll always be War Machine. Mostly because that is also the name of the last good KISS song.

346. Iron Man

I know that I just drew Iron Man two days ago. But this one is for Nick Marino.

344. Iron Man

99. Karate Kid

I’m sure no one has ever made this joke, right? So in 1984, were Legion fans all over the world pissed or disappointed? And later, were younger fans who discovered the Legion disappointed? Mooovies: Iron Man Three. I liked it. A lot. Doctor Mordrid. So back in the 90s, Full Moon Studios had the rights …

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