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Ok, PANIC!: Spy vs. Spy

I just didn’t want to draw them in the style of their creator.

Ok, PANIC!: Mythical Creatures

I found many of the topics to be weird or vague. I just wanted to draw Eric Powell’s Chimichanga.


I traditionally post something here on my birthday each year. The first year was an emotionally heartfelt couple of paragraphs and some art. Last year was a fun breakdown of my cartooning process. This year has no art whatsoever. If you haven’t heard yet, Adam Hughes ruined my life and I’ve stopped drawing for my …

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Casey Jones. This was the first topic in which I really became disillusioned with this Ok, PANIC! thing and almost quit. The curator actually assigned specific characters to us. I said “fuck that”. I always already super-depressed and going through a bad creative block. I didn’t need that extra crap. For some reason, I contributed …

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Ok, PANIC!: Godzilla Villains


Ok, PANIC!: 4th July

Celebrating America, Lockhorn’s style.

Dazzler Cover Recreation

The reasoning behind this is three-fold. 1) This fulfills a request that was made when I was actively seeking out topics to draw. 2) The request was made by a friend who is pretty big Dazzler fan. I have no idea if she really genuinely loves Dazzler or if it’s an ironic thing. Either way, …

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Ok, PANIC!: Thundercats

The best-left-to-nostalgia ’80s cartoon, The Thundercats.


My favorite Marvel character is Daredevil. When you’re a kid, you discover the big characters and grab onto those for a while. Your Spider-Men, Batmen, Supermen. Even both of my nephews loved Spider-Man and Batman when they were younger kids. Then there sort of comes a time where you decide “do I want to be …

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Power Girl

This is another piece that I had drawn before, but was completely unhappy with how it turned out, stylistically. It’s also an attempt to draw more female characters, and in a style similar to some other drawings on the blog. Anyway, Power Girl. She’s a huge hit, a massive fan favorite. The size of her …

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